Alice Peach     

The series of works that follows is called ‘Thunder Turns Milk’ and it was exhibited in the group show ‘Nicher’. 
The show took place at the end of the artist residency ‘Villekulla’ in October 2021 and it included the works of residents Mina Achermann, Noah Krummenacher, Annina Grupp, Leonie Jucker, Simon Fürstenberger and Alice Peach.  

‘Untitled’ (from ‘Thunder Turns Milk’),
glazed ceramic,
30x10x0,5 cm,

‘Thunder Turns Milk’, installation overview at Chez Monique, in Faucougney-et-la-Mer - October 2021.

birch wood, metal wire, elastic band;
22x3x1,5 cm and 31x3x1,5 cm;

‘Calcium Sticks, Brittle Bones’;
oak wood, ceramics, hot glue, wool yarn, medical tape;
70x17x0,5 cm,

‘Milk and Butter Measuring Sticks’;
pencil drawing on unglazed ceramic;
dimension variable;

‘Unit of Tender Tips’;
fire wood, bee wax, textile, nails, clamps, belt, Fromage Blanc containers, ceramic, hot glue;
110×5 cm (x2) approximately;

From Archive: Text edit screenshot of Quora copy-pasted text, printed on two sheets of A5 paper taped together to make an A4, 2021.